CRW as a payment

Where to use Crown

CRW tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. Like bitcoins, CRW can be used to pay for a wide variety of products and services. Please explore where CRW is currently accepted.

External VPS Hosting services for Masternodes and Systemnodes

Established hosting service run by CRW contributor Fabian aka "Chaositec".

Established hosting service run by CRW contributor Inigo aka "Mattblack".

Established hosting service run by CRW contributor Andrew aka "Defunctec".

Payment processors

Integrate Coinpayments into your business and start accepting crypto and CRW.

Applications running on the CRW blockchain

Intellectual property protection tool based on timestamps on the Crown an Bitcoin blockchains.

Shopping & services

A CRW community shop offering a variety of cool stuff.

Buy thousands of products and pay with crypto and CRW.

Graphic design shop run by CRW contributor "Midnight".

Yanda is the all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin stickers and other cryptocurrency related stickers.

Foundations and NGOs

Project Freedom aims to create a social impact platform utilizing the latest innovative technologies through which humanity can transact and create value in a decentralized manner.

Friends of Cité Soleil serves and supports the Caribbeans’s most vulnerable children starting from Haiti and quickly expanding to other countries in the area.


Play dice or other games.