Crown on Crypto

We are building a decentrallized and community driven platform, where individuals and businesses are able to register their identities on the Crown blockchain, to facilitate the exchange of values they have created safely and without any barriers. Imagine a world connected through a shared computing power, enabling their participants to trade transparently and according to all legal requirements.

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The Crown community is committed to build an application platform with the following characteristics:

Blockchain & cloud computing platform

Crown is evolving into a community-driven blockchain application & cloud computing platform to build new economy businesses.

Fast token of exchange

Crown is also a fast token of exchange with instant transaction verification backed by Masternodes.

Payment API infrastructure

Crown payment API will be used for a subscription business model backed by thousands of distributed Masternodes & Systemnodes (Servicenodes).

Identity Registration

Crown will provide a registration API, which will enable application developers to build their own blockchain registries for purposes of their applications. (Immutable blockchain registries for identity, businesses, legal contracts & application registration). Identities, businesses & applications are verified by community empowered agents.

Legal Contracts

Crown wants to bring legal binding into the world of blockchains. Crown platform is being designed for businesses and individuals to sign legal contracts using the Crown platform API.

Community Governance

The Governance Decentralized Proposal System (CDGP) solves the problem of Crown sustainability. Our community can democratically decide which proposals should be funded from the Crown budget. The next step of Crown Governance evolution is Agents infrastructure backed by Liquid Democracy. In the business field, an agent is a person or business which has been empowered to act on behalf of another person.

Distributed consensus mechanism

New distributed consensus mechanism backed by Masternodes will solve transactions-per-seconds scalability problem.

Application hosting on a shared cloud

Crown will enable hosting any applications using Crown Masternodes & Systemnodes (Servicenodes) infrastructure. We will combine Systemnodes (Servicenodes) into clusters to provide scalability and fault-tolerance, A truly decentralized cloud computing platform providing IaaS level services.