Systemnodes vs Masternodes

Systemnodes and Masternodes are next generation blockchain companies

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The Crown platform utilizes two layers of nodes: Systemnodes and Masternodes.


Download Install Script

500 CRW collateral

Receives 10% of block reward

Timekeepers of the CRW blockchain

Service nodes for Crown Atomic

System Node


Download Install Script

10,000 CRW collateral

Receives 45% of block reward

Voting rights in the governance system

Transaction confirmation nodes

Tron Masternode

Systemnodes and masternodes have three main functions

Secure and stabilize the network and transactions

For those interested in how this works, there are ways that network security can be accomplished using mathematical properties which don’t involve mining algorithms, but functionally leverage randomness and network topology. These techniques are used by a variety of different systems, from WeChat to Zookeeper -- just look up the Paxos Algorithm and go from there. The Dash paxos implementation with InstantX is an elegant example. The Crown network is secured by both: Masternodes and Bitcoin merge mining. We like having a dual security layer.

Provide another layer
of Governance

Masternode operators have the right to vote on development related proposals submitted by the Crown community. This is a very responsible role, since they are directly influencing the future of the Crown project. Please see more information on the Crown governance system here.

Provide application developers
and masternode operators with business opportunities

The Crown API enables developers to integrate API calls and package applications that systemnode operators will offer to users. Systemnodes will manage the provisioning of compute resources, and payment for the application through the Crown API in concert with other APIs or development tools. Systemnodes can act as franchises operating cloud application businesses running open source software and accept payment in CRW. We are striving to make crypto useful in the real world. Our next step is to create an application economy running the cloud of open source applications through Trons. The Trons are the backbone of the Crown Cloud, which we hope to work with the community to build.

Masternodes explained video

Systemnodes explained video