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Q4 2017.

Systemnode release.
Governance bugfix.
Systemnode bugfix & improvements.
Crown Platform research, requirements & architecture.



Q1 2018.

New Crown website
Registration infrastructure proof-of-concept.
Governance evolution proof-of-concept. API design.
Systemnode/Masternode administration using Crown wallet UI.
Crown wallet auto-update.
Merge Bitcoin core (without SegWit).
0.12.4 release.

Q2 2018.

Crown Platform registration infrastructure full implementation:
identity, application services, legal contracts registration.
Governance evolution full implementation.
Registration & Crown Agents integration.
NTP service implementation.
Trezor integration.
Crown core improvements & bugfix.
0.12.5 release.



Q3 2018.

Registration, Payment & Governance API.
Crown Platform public release. 0.13.0
Crown scalable distributed consensus proof-of-concept.

Q4 2018.

Crown scalable consensus public release.
Integration with distributed storage solutions.



Q1 2019

To Be Determined