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Stay away from this pathetic scam. 1000% in 5 hours? Think again.


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  • Dominique
    February 23, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    On 10/11/19 this scammer after I told her that I was scammed twice in one month convinced me to invested the last portion of the money I had left, for three months 11 days with this Supeca Barkley devil woman, she lied put me through hell made me paid 2 tax fees when she is not regulated, and made me paid 2% holding fees when she claimed I did not have to.

    As soon she received the two percent she claimed it was for 2.205 each day since she was holding for 20 days I now owed her 0,545btc, we exchanged a few nice words. I emailed her everyday, up until today she chose not to responded to any of my emails she made a career freeloading of investors making them her victims since the day she opened, she opened Sweedish investments doing the same thing, she claimed she is unstoppable and untoucheable and untreacable.

    Please get this nut case who thinks I scammed like her for a living life is too short. Here is her email is support@bitcointimes.net. please get this vampire btc bloodsucker of the street investors are fed up: she made victims by the minutes. She acts like she has emnisia after she lied to you, get that loser, with no shame or remorse. Sad world we live in: thks GBLSS

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