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Welcome to our eMail and WhatsApp database of scammers. Some scammers don’t even have a website and/or it’s easier for them to pass the spam filters when they post an eMail/WhatsApp number rather than posting a link. 

They are posting comments where ever they can or approach you through a social media platform. If you got suckered in with another strategy please share it here.

We gathered a list of scammers with the hope that potential victims will first do a Google search before sending someone Bitcoin over email/WhatsApp. Please contribute to the list by adding comments with scammer’s eMail/WhatsApp numbers.

Beside the usual HYIP, cloud mining, ICO scams etc, 2 more type of scams are popular right now:

1. Investing with a Broker

Scammer will pose as an investment advisor or broker offering you to buy/trande crypto in your behalf with “too good to be true” returns on your investment.

Some of them are asking you to register with a 3th party website (which they own) and some of them are asking you to send them directly your bitcoin. You should not trust any of those situations. 

If there is any website involved they are usually asking for a certain amount and if you send it then the’re trying to milk as much money as they can off you. By asking extra to verify the wallet, upgrade to vip/premium membership so you can make a withdrawal, to pay more for insurance, etc

2. Recover scammed crypto

They advertise themselves as ethical hackers, asking you a fee or a percentage of the amount you lost in order to hack the scammer’s wallet to recover your funds.

Just use your common sense here. Someone with this set of skills is not doing ethical hacking, that has to be the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Someone with this skills is not going for peanuts. With these skills they are going for exchangers and the’re hacking xxx million dollars.

If they get caught instead of jail time they work for governments,. that’s how smart they are. Now compare that with some random Joe in his pyjamas posting spam comments on YouTube/Facebook etc..


Scammer List: – WhatsApp: +1(551)270-9164

ajmasahad51@gmail. com – WhatsApp: +14844889401 – Skype: carlalorraine2

marek.kottmyer45@gmail. com – WhatsApp: +14422433874

elizabethcortes624@gmail. com – WhatsApp: +19852402623 – WhatsApp: +1415 390 6032

htao5589@gmail. com – WhatsApp: +17724053594 – WhatsApp: +33758712448

bettywallace140@gmail com – WhatsApp: +1 (972) 930-5313

Bellino  +19195041637

David: +13462289136

milneredward985@gmail. com

Andrew Feldstein – WhatsApp: +852 9729 0596 – WhatsApp: +1 (917) 267-0537 – WhatsApp: :+14079061584 – WhatsApp: +1 9176634684 – WhatsApp: + 12149375209 – WhatsApp: +447564747246 – WhatsApp: +17784030481 – WhatsApp: +447467185671 +971 50 252 6142 – WhatsApp: +16017067890 – WhatsApp: +1(539) 888-2243 – WhatsApp: +1(267) 725-1892 – WhatsApp: +15817004135 – WhatsApp: +971 58 614 8037 +17192457008 +17806284200

Mr Jones: +19172669538 – WhatsApp: +16317433959 – WhatsApp:+380683017209 +1 (708) 740-4928


24hoursbitcoinminer@gmail. com +1(213)433-2076 – WhatsApp: +1 316-835-0120 – WhatsApp: +19252910054

HACKETHICS008@GMAIL.COM – WhatsApp: +19294372060 WhatsApp + 17722426212 +443308080038 WhatsApp + 17722426212 +971502526142 +1 424 250 0374 – WhatsApp: +16094674464 – WhatsApp: +16094674464

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