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This is a fake escrow. Here is how to scam works. If you have digital goods to sale someone will contact you and ask you to use this escrow service. If you agree the exchange will ask you to deposit BTC in order to verify your wallet. The fake exchange and the “buyer” are the same person.

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  • Leo
    February 13, 2020 at 11:19 am

    I wanted to sell my small e-commerce store on shopify exchange. Shortly after my website was up for sale I was contacted by a guy who calls himself “Martin Zlochevsky”.

    He said he was interested in buying my store and we agreed on a deal. He asked to make the payment through this escrow service and I was very skeptical but agreed in the end as his offer was that I only give him access to the website once I have the money in my bank account.

    So I received the “payment” on crypto247exchange and was looking to withdraw to my wallet on

    They said I would have to make a deposit of 0.02 BTC in order to verify my wallet, which I did. They then only added 0.0195 BTC to my account. I contacted support and they told me that there is a depositing fee of 2.5% so I deposited another 0.024 BTC in order to verify my wallet. Still I couldn’t withdraw any money. They said I would have to get a premium membership because my IP-address has been used before to create an account with their service.

    This is true, I registered before but the wallet number that was needed to receive the payment didn’t show up. I contacted support and they said that the exchange service was under maintenance and asked me to register again.

    So I sent another 0.06 BTC to activate the “premium membership”. When only 0.05774951 BTC have been added to my account instead of 0.0585 BTC is when I finally realized that this is a scam. I chatted with support asking them to send back any “deposits” I have made threatening to sue them but they didn’t give in. They said that blockchain service fee’s are volatile and so on.

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  • Noah
    February 1, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    I am currently selling my small ecommerce business. Somebody messaged me and said he wants to buy in Bitcoin and he would pay the whole price. He told me he wants to send it through

    So I contacted the company and they instantly replied and guaranteed me that I can get it on my bank account etc. So my \”buyer\” send me the money and then I tried to withdraw it and it did not work. Then their support said I have to send 0.02 BTC from an external wallet to verify that wallet so that I will be able to withdraw the money back to this external wallet. I did that and then
    they charged me a fee which they did not tell me it exists.

    So the 0.02BTC got 0.0195 BTC and that was not enough for the verification.
    So I purchased more BTC and send them 0.028 BTC to verify it. After that they told me its verified but now they need 0.05 BTC as an insurance. Now I have checked the company number/location and found several articles who explain that the exact same person (Martin Zlochevsky) messaged them as well with the same story and everything is the same. So now I lost that BTC I send them because they don´t let me withdraw it and I am 100% sure it is a scam. 1 example article which states the same is this:

    Somebody also answered with this link which states that their domain has been registered 2 weeks ago:

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