Key Facts

Crown (CRW) is a digital token and application platform for driving technological & financial innovation. The project aims to become a global payment, messaging and application platform, enabling developers to build complex new economy applications and offer an efficient low transaction cost platform to store value, register ownership and manage contractual relationships.


Launched transparently in mid 2014

No premine, No ICO

Powered by a decentralized node structure of 3966 nodes

Master / System nodes are dedicated server nodes with a multitude of uses

Democratic governance system

A self-funded, community driven governance model

API-driven model

Enables developers to build new economy applications

Merge mined with BTC

Bitcoin miners can merge mine Crown

NO to anonymity

The Crown code does not support anonymous features

Crown explained video

I want to learn more about Crown

Crown includes capabilities of both the DASH and Bitcoin protocols, but there are important differences between Crown and both DASH and Bitcoin. The most important differences from Bitcoin are that:

  1. Crown confirms transactions more quickly
  2. Has an additional layer of security consisting of: 1. Systemnodes and 2. Masternodes.
  3. Crown is focused on creating a sustainable application platform for developers, merchants and communities.

CRW can also be merge-mined with Bitcoin so that it leverages the security provided by the bitcoin network’s hashpower until a new consensus mechanism is unveiled later in 2017.

Crown is focused on a few key features:

Usability - a clear logical structure with application feedback and user interaction model

Dual mode - a way to support temporary activities (applications, communications) as well as activities committed to the permanent record (blockchain)

Being open and application agnostic - Crown is not attaching a coin to a single application. It can attach a token to any open source application one can build. It is dedicated to building a durable open application platform.