December 2013: four Bitcoin enthusiasts dreamed about launching a coin called Crowncoin
December 2013
October 2014: Crowncoin was fairly launched as an European project, NO premined, NO scam
October 2014
2015: several features like BTC mergemining, namestamping and timestamping implemented
March 2016: This Codex of behavior of the Knights of the Crowncoin was timestamped in the CRW blockchain
march 2016
March 2016: several crypro legendaries join the DEV team, Thrones masternodes implemented
march 2016
October 2016: Crowncoin was renamed to Crown, projects aims to be global as community grows fast
October 2016
January 2017: Crown code updated to Bitcoin core 0.10 and Dash core 0.12, Crown Revolution whitepapers released