Crown Atomic is a complex and ambitious programme of work that is expected to begin in Q1 2017 and complete in Q4 2018.

Crown Atomic will redefine what is possible with trustless transaction systems and shared trustless application platforms.

We envision implementing this programme in multiple stages:

Stage 1 - A third problem

Currently, the vast majority of blockchain projects are secured by either Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. The Crown team do not believe that these two methods are the future of Blockchain. We have a third way.

Stage 2 - What problems?

Block size constraints and transaction volume limits are problems for existing conventional blockchain technologies. Stage 2 will consist of the implementation of an elegant system based on Chaositec’s work.

As part of Stage 2 or as it’s own stage, Crown will provide an API -- allowing developers to deploy services using Crown Atomic.

Crown Atomic - Final stage: you

In order to make this a success we need a strong community. Regular, open and honest communications will be an essential component of this ambitious two year programme of work.

There will be breakthroughs and setbacks and we need you with us all of the way. We remain indebted to you for your support so far.

The purpose of the Crown is to be of service and use to the community, without you, the users, there is no progress.