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Crown (CRW) is a digital commodity and application platform for driving technical & financial innovation. Inspired by the universal symbol of the Crown, the platform seeks to build on durable and time-tested elements of existing institutions while adding new capabilities which have become possible only through the new discoveries and developments of the crypto-currency community. The Crown project aims to become a global payment, messaging and application platform, enabling developers to build complex new economy applications and offering an efficient low transaction cost platform to store value, register ownership and manage contractual relationships.

Crown Atomic

We are taking important steps toward a revolutionary goal. Crown Atomic will redefine what is possible with trustless transaction systems and shared trustless application platforms.

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Key facts about crown

Established 2014

The Crown was fairly launched in 2014, formerly as Crowncoin

Tron Masternodes

A financially incentivised app and service provision platform


Crown has merged mining with the Bitcoin network

Core Updates

Core Bitcoin and Dash Updates

Governance System

A democratic community driven government model

International team

The Crown DEV team is a mix of guys from all over the world

13 673 494
market cap
tron masternodes
14 856 954
available supply
42 000 000
total supply